Top 10 Best DevOps Books List || Beginners || Experienced

Top 10 Best DevOps Books List || Beginners || Experienced || Recommended DevOps Books for AWS Developer and Admin || Agile Coach || Windows and Web and Linux DevOps Admin

Purpose- This Blog contains list of “Top 10 Best DevOps Books List for Beginners” and some of best and must read best selling Books to choose career in field of DevOps. The title “Top 10 Best DevOps Books List || Beginners || Experienced” not only implies to DevOps Admin but also applicable to Developer ,SysAdmin and Agile Coach as well.

What and Who is DevOps? DevOps is a tightly integrated part of SDLC to reduce gaps between Dev(Plan, Create,Verify, and Package) and Ops(Release, Configure and Monitor) to achieve business objective(s) and fast deliverable(s) to end user. Another aspect of DevOps is to automate(semi or fully) most of the tasks pertaining to Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD). The person who is responsible for these tasks is a DevOps engineer who should have knowledge of Development and Admin roles.

#1-The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win


  • About Book- This is not a regular IT book rather it is a Novel with real challenges and scenarios come across during Dev Project. The case studies are well written and inspiration to IT, DevOps to reduce unnecessary gaps and obstruction to communicate with Business.The reason to put this book in the list of  “Top 10 Best DevOps Books List” is it’s practical implication towards DevOps.
  • Written By- Gene Kim Kevin Behr George Spafford 
  • About Author- Gene Kim is a several prize winning CTO, scholar and writer. He was founder and CTO of Tripwire and has functioned with some of the best IT corporations on refining deployment flow and increasing the consistency around IT functioning developments. Kevin Behr is the creator of the Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI) and the Principal Tactician for the CIO and Board Advisory Practice at Assemblage Pointe, where Kevin has manufactured an exclusive checking exercise that guides and teaches IT administrations to surge their corporate efficiency and viable advantage now and over the long term through the submission of development sciences. George Spafford is a Research Executive for Gartner covering process improvement in IT operations that influence finest exercise orientations. He is a productive writer and reciter, and has consulted and directed training on plan, IT organization, information security and complete facility development.
  • Size- 376 Pages

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