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Experiences Test Automation Studies SoftwareExperiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test AutomationThis book is written by Dorothy Graham and  Mark Fewster. It is well written book and contains collection of case studies with valuable realworld experiences.This book contains following topics and chapters:

  • Reflections on the Case Studies
  • The Ultimate Database Automation
  • The Evolution of TiP Continuous Regression Testing in Production
  • The Automator Becomes the Automated
  • From Mainframe Framework Automation
  • Failure Project 2 Success
  • Automating the Testing of Complex Government Systems
  • Device Simulation Framework
  • ModelBased TestCase Generation in ESA Projects
  • Ten Years On and Still Going
  • A Rising Phoenix from the Ashes
  • Automating the Wheels of Bureaucracy
  • Automated Reliability Testing Using Hardware Interfaces
  • ModelBased GUI Testing of Android Applications
  • Test Automation of SAP Business Processes
  • Test Automation of a SAP Implementation
  • Choosing the Wrong Tool
  • Ten Years and Three Frameworks
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Software for Medical Devices and Our Need for Good Software Test Automation
  • Automation through the Back Door by Supporting Manual Testing
  • Test Automation as an Approach to Adding Value to Portability Testing
  • Feeling Our Way
  • Adventures with Test Monkeys
  • SystemofSystems Test Automation at NATS
  • Automating Automotive Electronics Testing
  • BHAGs Change and Test Transformation
  • Test Automation Anecdotes . Top 10 Best Test Automation Books

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