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Just Enough Software Test AutomationThis books is written by Daniel J. Mosley and Bruce A. Posey.Just Enough Test Automation is a useful and practical book for software test automation. One of the best book to define the automation framework which advice on most popular approaches for automated testing.The book also includes a complete sample automation project plan, covering documentation, implementation, the automation environment, roles, responsibilities, and much more.It has following chapters and contents:Top 10 Best Test Automation Books

  • What Is Just Enough Test Automation?
  • Knowing When and What to Automate.
  • Start at the Beginning, Define the Test Requirements, Design the Test Data.
  • A Look at the Development of Automated Test Scripts and at the Levels of Test Automation.
  • Automated Unit Testing.
  • Automated Integration Testing.
  • Automated System/Regression Testing Frameworks.
  • The Control Synchronized Data-Driven Testing Framework in Depth.
  • Facilitating the Manual Testing Process with Automated Tools.
  • Managing Automated Tests.
  • Data-Driven Automation: User Group Discussion.
  • Automated Testing Terms and Definitions.
  • Example Test Automation Project Plan Using Rational Suite TestStudio.
  • Test Automation Project Work Plan Template.


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