Top 5 Most Popular and Best Website in the World No. 3 –List of Top 5 Most Popular and Best Website in the World)

FaceBook at #3 in the List of Top 5 Most Popular and Best Website in the WorldFacebook is a Social Networking Website.On FaceBook, an individual can create a public or private social profile and view, rate, share and comment pictures, articles, videos or any other artifacts among Friends group or to the Public. User can also create a its own page to promote it’s business or content. FaceBook has lot of online Tools  and Apps which are integrated to user’s profile page.

There is long list of Products, Apps and Tools owning by FaceBook though here are few of them : News Feed, Messenger, Shortcuts, Events, Pages, Groups, Friend Lists, Pokes, On This Day, Pages Feed, Photos, Find Friends, Games, Offers, Suggest Edits, Payments, Ads Manager, Moments, Games Feed, Buy and Sell Groups, Saved, Recommendations, Shops, Weather and  Create a Frame etc. The reason to put FaceBook in the list of “ Top 5 Most Popular and Best Website in the Worldis because of it popularity, global ranking and no. of views. No. 4- List of Top 5 Most Popular and Best Website in the World)

Baidu at #4 in the List of Top 5 Most Popular and Best Website in the WorldBaidu is a Chinese language search engine. Baidu is not that much popular in the other region of the world though it retains #1 position in Chinese continent. Baidu’s Search Engine page is divided into different categories i.e. News, Bar, Know, Music, Pictures, Video, Map, Library and More.

There is long list of Products, Apps and Tools owning by Baidu though here are few of them : Baidu Institute of Technology, Baidu Forensics Electronics, One Hundred, Baidu H5 Visualization, Baidu Education Business Service Platform, Baidu Artificial Intelligence Open Platform, Baidu Broadcast Open Platform, Everybody, Baidu Consonance, Baidu Artificial Translation, Baidu VR, Baidu Lawers, Baidu Good- Looking Personalized, Baidu Shangqiao, Baidu Software Center, Music, Baidu map, Baidu takeaway, Desktop Baidu, Web, Map, Baidu tickets to, Baidu pass on, Video, News, Baidu musicians, Baidu academic to, Baidu translation, Image, Baidu wealth, Baidu real estate real estate, Hao123 website navigation, Site navigation, Baidu reputation, Baidu Security Forum, Post Bar, Baidu wallet, Baidu financial mall, Baidu VIP, Library to, Know to, Baidu read, Baidu Product Forum, Baby knows the, Baidu network disk, Experience, Baidu travel, Baidu glutinous rice, Baidu excellent, Encyclopedia, Baidu stock market through, Baidu public test, Baidu Le Cai, 91 hand travel online, Baidu game to, Baidu applications, Baidu glutinous rice, Baidu financial, Baidu pass lessons, Baidu mobile phone input method, Baidu mobile browser browser, Baidu mobile assistant, Baidu magic map, Baidu Translation App, Baidu magic camera, Baidu music APP, Baidu micro-task, Baidu mobile phone defender, Baidu recommended the, Baidu Union, Baidu Index, Baidu map +, Baidu actuarial, Baidu cloud, Search open platform, Baidu to promote, Baidu mobile statistics professional mobile application, Baidu cloud observation, Baidu cloud acceleration, Baidu voice, Baidu mobile cloud test center, Baidu voice, Webmaster platform, Advertisement Manager, Baidu Division South data marketing, Baidu Business Services Market, APIStore, Baidu SSP Media Services, Baidu statistics, Situation list, Baidu Developer Center, Baidu public opinion, 91 Baidu advertising to, Baidu cloud push, Baidu pass the, Baidu browser, Baidu Guardian, Baidu brain map tools, Baidu hi, Baidu five pen input method, Baidu video, Baidu input method, Baidu music, Baidu antivirus, Resources, Baidu Certified, Baidu public interest concerned, Baidu Marketing Research Institute, 91 portal, Baidu forecast and Baidu Marketing University. The reason to put Baidu in the list of “Top 5 Most Popular and Best Website in the World” is because of its Global Ranking.

  • WebSite Name: Baidu
  • URL:
  • Year of Establishment: 2000
  • Founder: Robin Li and Eric Xu
  • CEO: Robin Li
  • No. of Employees: 50K
  • Income Channel: Advertisement ,paid content and paid services.
  • Global Alexa Ranking : 4
  • Monthly Visitors: 1500 M(Unique)
  • Estimated Ballpark Earnings:$14 M/Monthly

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