Top 5 Most Popular and Best Websites in Australia No. 5 – List of Top 5 Most Popular and Best Websites in Australia) at #5 in the List of Top 5 Most Popular and Best Websites in AustraliaReddit is a Social Networking Site based on Breaking News Content and Links. The content of Reddit is created and edited by an individual contributor from all over the world. An Individual can create a community on nearly any topic imaginable, same content can be shared , voted or discussed among Redditors i.e. The global Reddit community.

Beauty of this website is , it is available in multi languages. The Reddit website is divided into different sections i.e.Popular, All, Random, Askreddit, Worldnews, Pics, Funny, News, Todayilearned, Videos, Gifs, Gaming, Movies, Aww, Showerthoughts, Mildlyinteresting, Oldschoolcool, Jokes, Television, Iama, Lifeprotips, Nottheonion, Twoxchromosomes, Photoshopbattles, Upliftingnews, Futurology, Books, Explainlikeimfive, Sports, Tifu, Dataisbeautiful, Science, Space, Food, Writingprompts, Personalfinance, Earthporn, Getmotivated, Music, Art, Documentaries, Diy, Askscience, Nosleep, History, Creepy, Gadgets, Philosophy, Listentothis, Internetisbeautiful, Announcements and Blog. The reason to put Reddit in the list of “Top 5 Most Popular and Best Websites in Australia” is Popularity, Global Ranking and Unique & Best Content.

  • WebSite Name: Reddit
  • URL:
  • Year of Establishment: 2005
  • Founder:  Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian
  • No. of Employees: 100
  • Income Channel: Advertisements
  • Global Alexa Ranking : 8
  • Rank in Australia : 5
  • Monthly Visitors: 645 M(Unique)
  • Estimated Ballpark Earnings:$6.4 M/Monthly

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